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Q. What are the ingredients in Nummy Tum Tum™ products?
A. No scary surprises here. Pure Pumpkin is 100% organic pumpkin puree; Pure Sweet Potato is 100% organic sweet potato puree.

Q. What makes Nummy Tum Tum™ nutritious for my pet?
A. Our pumpkin and sweet potato are high in Vitamin A and fiber, helping to support healthy digestion.

Q. How much can I give my pet
A. Serving size suggestions can be found on our products page.

Q. I gave my pet a little Nummy Tum Tum™. How do I store the leftovers?
A.We suggest storing it in an airtight container and consuming it within three days. Alternatively, you can portion it out into ice cube trays and freeze it. Once frozen, remove from trays and store in a ziplock. These portions will stay good frozen for up to three months. The consistency changes slightly when frozen. If this happens, simply reheat the pumpkin and it should go back to normal. You can also mix leftovers with kibble and peanut butter then stuff it inside your dog’s Kong toy. Freeze the stuffed kong toy for prolonged enjoyment. You can also incorporate it into nutritious dog treats. Check out our recipes page for recipes for pet treats.

Q. Where is Nummy Tum Tum™ made?
A. Nummy Tum Tum uses pure and healthy ingredients from the USA. Our home state is Oregon, and we use local producers whenever possible.

Q. Why organic?
A. We believe in treating the earth well and making healthy, pure products. Organic farming helps us make products that we believe in: yummy purees with great taste and great benefits for pets and the earth.

Q. Is it safe for humans?
A. Yes! Our products are grown and processed in the same facility as our human grade products and since there are no additional ingredients, it’s also safe for human consumption.

Q. How long does it last once it’s been opened?
A. We recommend that you use the product within three days after opening.

Q. Can you freeze it?
A. Yes! We suggest that you portion it out into individual servings with an ice cube tray. Once frozen, transfer to an airtight bag or container for up to three months.

You can freeze the pouches too!

Q. Why does it look so bad after you freeze it?
A. Freezing causes the product to separate and/or appear watery when it’s defrosted. If this happens, just reheat the pumpkin and it will look more like it did before it was frozen.

Q. Where can I buy it?
A. Visit our store locator and type in your zipcode to find a store near you. Alternately, you can also purchase online through and

Q. Why does the consistency change from runny to solid?
A. Nummy Tum Tum is an organic, non-gmo family farm. As such, we rely on Mother Nature to perfect our pumpkins. Every growing season, she behaves a little differently. Factors such as rainfall, temperature fluctuations and even soil can influence the way a pumpkin develops. We puree our pumpkins immediately after harvest “as is.” Although the consistency can vary slightly from year to year, it’s still the same great pumpkin!