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Our fans are too cute not to show you. Want to be added to our wall of fame? Tag us on social and you could get some Nummy Tum-Tum swag and a case of free product! 

our fans


Kona is an older, gentle boxer who just found her love for Nummy Tum Tum! Kona loves her parents for bringing her such delicious treats! Kona loves it any way her
parents give it to her! Her absolute favorite is just taking a few licks straight from the carton or from a spoon!


Kit is a young rambunctious tuxedo cat! He is always on the move- you could say he makes the rules in his house! With his very active behavior- it causes his stomach to
be upset and Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin does the trick every time!

our fans
our fans

Parker + Bailey

Parker (left) and Bailey (right) are two happy pups living the dream in Hawaii. Their parents found Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin Puree at their local pet store and they simply love it! It helps calm and soothe their sensitive tummies and they just love the flavor!

Murphy + Olivia

Murphy (left) and Olivia (right) are best neighbor friends! Their parents take them to play at the doggie park together every week! Their favorite after-the-park snack
is Nummy Tum Tum Sweet Potato Puree frozen into a chew toy! It’s the best snack to help them cool down after running around in the summer sun!

our fans
our fans


Padme is a 13 year old rescue who just found her forever home! She likes to lay in any sliver of sun she can find and sleep the day away! With all of the new changes in her life it has caused her tummy to be upset. Padme’s parents feed her Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin Puree once a day and now she’s feeling back to her normal self!


Parker, a 15-month-old Corgi loves to sleep, eat and get into trouble! His parents say he likes to munch on socks, so when his stomach is upset, they feed him Nummy Tum Tum Organic Pumpkin Puree! Within a day, Parker is feeling better and is ready to play some more!

our fans
our fans


Fang is a spunky, young Neapolitan Mastiff who thinks he’s a lap-dog! Her parents named her after the dog in Harry Potter named fang, since they are the same breed and color. She devours the treats her parents make using Nummy Tum Tum Organic Pumpkin Puree!


Oscar is a big kitty with a big personality, who in his older years, has some problems with digestion. Never a shy-eater, Oscar loves Nummy Tum Tum Organic Sweet
Potato Puree and has left all his digestion issues behind! He enjoys it on a spoon, mixed in with his food, and even baked into cat treats!

our fans


Gizmo is a handsome wee old man. He isn’t picky when it comes to a special Nummy Tum Tum treat! He loves both pumpkin and sweet potato biscuits his mom makes for him every week! His mom and dad just added a two legged baby to their family so Nummy Tum Tum is helping sooth his tummy during this new adventure!


Shadow is an adventurous rescue dog who loves spending time on the water with her humans – she even has her own life jacket! Given her go-go lifestyle, Shadow
is always excited for a treat at the end of a long day and loves her Nummy Tum Tum supplements. Long rides in the car or jounreys on the boat are no match for Shadow and Nummy Tum Tum!

our fans
our fans

Jewels “Mew”

Jewels “Mew” is a shy kitty at first, but once you get to know her she will be curled up on your lap just as soon as you sit down! Mew’s tummy get easily upset when too many guests are over or there is too much loud noise. Her parents give her Nummy Tum Tum sweet potato before, during and after events to help keep her tummy soothed! Mew and her parents are Nummy Tum Tum enthusiasts!