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About Us - The Chambers family

At Nummy Tum Tum, we are farmers first and foremost. In 1985, our husband and wife founders, Bill and Karla Chambers, bought their first piece of land in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley. One of our very first crops was pumpkin, and soon after opening our doors, we built our very own processing plant to puree our freshly harvested crops so that they could spend less time in transit and we could keep them on the vine longer. Processing our own purees also meant our products were never exposed to other allergens, because we didn’t use shared equipment.  


It wasn’t until years later we learned that our pumpkin puree wasn’t only delicious and nutritious for humans, but for animals too! The year was 2006, and Martha Stewart was in her heyday. One day, she brought a veterinarian on her show to talk about pet health. The veterinarian nonchalantly held up a can of our pumpkin (for humans!) and said it was the best thing you could feed your pets. The same day, our phones rang off the hook, our website crashed (it was 2006, after all!) and we knew we had something special. Nummy Tum Tum launched that same year, and has been growing ever since!


About Us -- Our Pumpkins!
About us -Nummy Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin puree

We know how important it is to have clean, safe food for your family (two and four-legged!). That’s why all our pet supplements are organic, Non-GMO, grown in the USA, and in BPA-free packaging. Every Nummy Tum Tum product is made with love – we hope you and your family love our supplements as much as ours do.