At Nummy Tum Tum, we know how inseparable pets are from their owners. We created some pet care tips to help ensure that you are always able to care for your pet. Around 43% of older adults own a pet. Pets can help combat loneliness and provide companionship. They are often called upon to be with us during the later stages of life. It’s tricky enough to have to cope with an illness without having to worry about a furry best friend.

If the worst should happen and you require treatment away from your home, you need to know about our pet care tips for finding accommodations for your pet.

If you have no family or friends that can offer accommodation, even for a short time, you may need another solution.

Thankfully, there are services available to help feed and care for your pet under these circumstances. Programs such as PACT can take care of your animal when you are expecting to be away for a while. If you are likely to be hospitalized for an extended period of time, your local shelter may have a foster program where a loving family can care for your pet until you return. Have a look at these options for pet care in case you find you need to spend time in the hospital for treatment.

Should the worst happen and you find yourself hospitalized and without proper care for your pet, you have some options to ensure that they are taken care of properly while you recover! Site’s such as connect dog lovers, making it easier than ever to find someone that can walk your dog during the day while you are at work, or be a foster parent to your fur baby while you are hospitalized. Meals on Wheels has some options for pet support as well. This beloved organization dedicated to helping seniors now offers grants to help cover pet-related needs. You can learn more about this program that keeps dogs and their senior owners together from the Meals on Wheels resources.

If you detest the idea of a kennel for long periods of time, there are a number of pet sitting sites like & that can help you find a sitter whose willing to accommodate your pet in their own home until you are out of the hospital, as well as an army of 5-star dog walkers at your disposal.

We know that unforeseen hospitalizations can be hard enough. There is no need for your pet to go unattended while you are recovering! Never feel like you have to give up your pet because of an illness. There are resources out there to help you recover and make sure that your pet is taken care of as well.

Don’t forget to recommend that your temporary caregiver feed your pet Nummy Tum Tum pumpkin with their kibble or as a treat to keep their tummies from becoming upset while you are away.