It’s no secret that our organic pumpkin is a fan favorite for pets and owners, but some smaller pets just can’t eat it fast enough! Luckily, there are some methods for what to do with leftover pumpkin to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.


Our first recommendation may also be the easiest solution for what to do with leftover pumpkin. Our tried and true method works like a charm! All you have to do is separate the leftover pumpkin out into an ice cube tray and store in the freezer. Once the pumpkin is fully frozen, you can reclaim your ice cube tray (you know, for ice) and put the frozen pumpkin cubes in a sealed plastic bag. Now you have a surplus on your hands! The frozen pumpkin will last up to 3 months in the freezer. Simply reheat an individual portion in the microwave to 120° and it’s ready for your fur baby!


The second option is a bit more of a commitment, but is also a lot more fun! Just make your own organic pumpkin pet treats! If your little sweetie happens to be a doggo, then you could make up some Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats or Pumpkin Dog Biscuits using the leftover pumpkin as one of the main ingredients! If your pet is not of the canine variety, fear not! You can still use that leftover pumpkin to make some amazing biscuits! You can find the recipes on our page here.


With so many options for making the most of your Nummy Tum Tum organic pumpkin, there is no reason to let any of it go to waste! We want you to get the most out of our product, so that your pet can get the most out of it too.