1. Keep treats and candy away from your pets. Many ingredients in candy and other halloween treats are toxic to pets, like chocolate. Wrappers can also taste and smell like candy or food and pose a choking hazard if a pet eats them.
  2. Secure your decor. Make sure decorations are stable and don’t pose a risk of falling on pets or being knocked over and broken. Don’t use decorations that have dangly parts that can be mistaken for a game of tug, and never leave fog machines or candles unattended.
  3. Care for their Costumes. Pet costumes are adorable, but pets should never be left unattended in them, even if they appear comfortable. Put your pet’s costume on at the beginning of the evening for everyone to see or for photos, and then take it off for the remainder of the night.
  4. Create peace and quiet for anxious pet. Halloween is no silent night! Even pets that enjoy people can get worn out at the constant activity at the door. Make sure your pets can’t run out of the door during trick or treat, and that they are secure inside at the end of the night. If your pet has anxiety, you may want to look into supplements, apparel, diffusers, or other ways to ease anxiety for the night. You can also temporarily place their bed in a closet for extra noise insulation.